Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rafa Vs Simon - holy crap! Not over but Simon won the second.

Rick Rock here -

Wow - Simon, after failing to serve out the second set on his first try succeeded on his second! Simon is a pipsqueek b y professional athlete standards - he looks like Joaquin Phoenix left too long in the dryer and shrunk up a bit. But he's good at tennis! It;s kind of neat - another guy who makes the most of his gifts Across from Nadal, he looks comical, but he is holding his own.

The ball girls are really hot. The ball girls are really hot. Did I say that already?

Paula and I played today in Binghamton, New York - about 2k feet above sea level, indoors, very fast, not unlike the conditions in Madrid, so we are having a little extra appreciation for the play today. Just clean, hard hitting tennis - no sun, no wind, kind of brings out the best in everyone.

We are demoing new racquets - I am trying the Head Extreme Pro, used by Gasquet, (beaten by Nadal just a bit ago), also Ljubicic, Youzhny - all one-handed backhands. I am digging it.

Mmmm.... the ball girls!

This is turning into a real battle between Rafa and Simon. Last year was so special because of the amazing performance of Nalbandian, but this has been a great tournament. Paula has been, someday we are all going to go. The Fed-Murray match was great - hard fought, close,and Murray coming through, to general disappointment in the household. We are not crazy about Murray but to see another real challenger to the top 3 emerge, is interesting.

More when the match is done - we love the indoor season...

Rick Rock

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