Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gasquet v. Nadal, The Rogers Cup, 2008

I'm watching the first set tiebreak. This is great great tennis. Oh my God- 9.9 in the tiebreak and Nadal wins the next point with just amazing tennis and Gasquet playing unbelievably.

And they are showing Rafa's girlfriend in the audience and she is the most gorgeous thing in the world- she is such a real person, too, not scary fake celeb type -and I am just blown away right now.

More later. After this tiebreak, I gotta go buy food. I love tennis, but I must press pause to feed my family. Eating is important, too. In fact, it is almost as important as watching tennis.
OH MY GOD! What play by the Frenchman! I am so in love with tennis right now. And both of these young men, too.

I am so feeling for Gasquet. I mean, the stupid dudes on TV keep talking about how great Rafa is- and I am a huge Rafa fan -but they are missing the point that Gasquet fell apart. I am so sad for him. The first set was so amazing. I have this thing where often I cheer for the underdog. I was doing that here. Especially at the end. Richard! Richard! We gotta work on your mental game. We gotta stop you from getting tight.

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