Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Four of the Rogers Cup 2008

We are leaving the hotel for the tournament now. Our last day...there is some rain, but I am feeling hopeful that we will get to see lots of great tennis. They really doubled up last night- they had Blake playing on Court One, which is incredible. He's a top ten player and they have him on a tiny back court? Is that why he lost the first set so badly? He was pissed?

Anyhoo, here we go. The last day is always sad, but we are missing the co-creator of the minis very much so it will be nice to be back home, too.

Due to rain delays and me being a bit of a 'tard, we ended up spending the day on the back courts and actually, that was just fine. It's such a different atmosphere and to be soooo close to those guys! Yeah, baby.

First we watched Gonzalez and Sa play against Ancic and Coetzee. Now, I don't think of myself as a fan of doubles, but it all depends on who is playing . It was great to watch Ancic and Gonzo. There were amazing points. Anci and his boy pulled it out. Then, we stayed put on court one, because -Gulp- Verdasco and Feli Lopez were playing doubles against the Polish duo, whose names I will fill in later here, and who are a very good doubles team. OH MY. Many more pictures were taken. The Spaniards won, but not after some contested ball-on-the-court moment that involved a near fight betwixt A Polish man and Verdasco!!! "You calling me a fucking liar?" Woah. Fighting words indeed. I felt sorry for the Poles even though I wanted my boys to win. I mean, here they are, across from two gorgeous top single players, two guys who get more tail than pin the tail on the donkey, and the only thing they have- and it is a big thing, but still- is their doubles game. Not much tail, no singles really, no big endorsements. And they lose their doubles match to these Spanish Gods.

Then we watched Murray and Wawrinka and were cheering on "Stan the man". It was close, but our dude did not win. And after bagelling him in the 2nd set? Murray is so testy, so hot and cold. He stopped playing in the second set, more or less. And then in the third, at the business end of the set, Stan had a string of unforced errors. It was, to me, a choke. Damn.

Then it started to rain. We came back. And here we are. Last night. We're heading down to dinner now.

Cheesewad took many many pictures and some movies that we hope to post.

More later!

Yours Truly,

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