Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karlovic defeats Federer

They have had many close matches. Many, many tiebreaks. But, my heart is broken.

Guest Blogger RickRock will be happy that Nadal has a HUGE chance at being number one. And I am with him on wanting Rafa to hold that numero uno for a bit. Rafa deserves it. As Cahill says, "confidence means everthing". The Rog doesn't have it right now.

And as everyone knows, I have a big soft spot for Karlovic. He has a stutter. That makes me love him. Really.


It's extraordinarly late. I am half asleep. This is the bad thing about Tivo/DVR. But they just showed the 31 yr old Lapenti in the audience here, at the Nadal/Haas match (which is a fantastic match), who beat Verdasco...I love Verdasco. But how great is ist that an Equardoran, not young, has such a great win? I can't help but to be happy for Lapenti. Regardless of the fact that I am Verdasco's face book group leader. As an old person, I am thrilled for Lapenti's win. And he's hot, too.

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