Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breakfast at the Hilton, Day Three of The Rogers Cup

Oh My. I am in tennis heaven. Here is a quick overview of breakfast tennis hotties. Safin walked out as we walked in. Moya walked in while we waited for our table. So did Llodra. Then Blake came in at the end of our meal. I let Rockytoad get some more pineapple at the buffet and say "Good luck" to Blake. Rockytoad said he said "Thanks", but that he wasn't "ecstatic". I said, "Was he irritated?" Rockytoad said, "no", but was a little hesitant. I feel a little guilty. Although there were people taking his picture...we didn't do that. Sorry Blake, if we bugged you ! Just letting my boy have a moment to remember. Blake, you're like a God to my boys! I hope you can feel the honor of that. Oh, and Benneteau was there.

And others. LORDY! Here is the deal. Moya is freakily hot and tall and fantastic. It's like a comic book hero come to life. He makes you dizzy. And the same can be said for Safin. I mean, why does God make people like him? It seems strange and mysterious, like God's other things that he does, like let there be war and shit and make some women have really amazing breasts while other don't.

Off to watch tennis! It's a bit overcast, I hope there is no rain delay.

I walked by Wawrinka on the way to the nail salon to see if I could find someone to paint my toes. No luck. But the worst luck was that it rained for THREE HOURS so we c ame back to the hotel. Tomorrow is our last day. Let's pray for good weather and also, if today's matches get really backed up, tomorrow's back courts will be hopping with big stars as they try to squeeze in lots of matches. As of now, I am feeling sad, wet, and cold. But I just ran a hot bath and maybe I'll trot around the lobby, innocently, and see who I can see...

Yours Truly,


Ampersand said...

Hey I just noticed this is your 100th post! You should get a Blog Medal!

van said...

Hey Paula, that's cool to stay at the players' hotel. It sounds like you're in heaven out there!

paula said...

A blog medal! I love it.

Yes, Van, I am in tennis heaven!!!

Naf said...

If you cut a lock of Safin's hair for me, I will totally pay your bail or bond.

paula said...

Naf, I would do it if I had any cojones. But I don't, sadly. I'm on a roll over submissive type.

That said, if Safin wanted to give me some of his hair, I totally would share a few strands with you!!!

Naf said...

Crap. He's already lost in Cincy, or I'd have it covered on this end. I wouldn't make you pay my bail, though.

paula said...

Yes, I am so disappointed in Safin losing. The Masters are tough- the early rounds are like the quarters at the slams sometimes.