Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day Four of Cincinnatti 2008

I am just starting to watch and will continue to update as I manage to watch more. But I wanted to say... HI EVERYBODY!!!!!

I'm proud that I called Gulbis beating Blake. Thing is I always pick Gulbis because he is, unlike Del Potro, one of those up and comers who everyone oohs and aahs over and says "he'll be top ten" that I actually ooh and ah over, too. He seems like he has a lot of game and composure. And I'm a Blake fan. But whenever I make some money on betting on Gulbis, I feel smart.

Right now Djokovic is playing Seppi. And Moya- not on the telly, waaahh - is playing Davydenko. But they just flashed the score- they just started the third. GO MOYA!!! I think I picked Davy to win that one- don't tell! I don't always follow my heart, sometimes, I go with the stats. Although, I'm not sure as I can't check my picks without seeing the results of matches I haven't watched yet.

One thing I will predict, is that I will be commenting a bit on the commentators here. The Beeg is funny and outrgeouos and occasionally I wanna strangle him. Chris Fowler- I don't like him. And the Aussie- I like him.

OH YEAHH! Moya beats Davydenko!! Maybe that hot new girl of his is helping his game. I wish it were me. Or Pennetta. But I'm happy he's doing well.


(P.S. - Did I write that I googled how far Cinci was by car? It's just over 10 hours. I thought- I thought some more. Drive Five! Sleep at a motel 6! Drive Five more. tada!!! And then, I decided to stay home and watch the Telly and let my fam play tennis instead of watch it all day long. HECK! We just got back from Toronto...)

Yours Truly,

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