Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day Two of the Cincinnati Masters, 2008

Well, I am glad that Moya beat Tipsarevic, because Moya is a God-like speciman of humanity. That said, I was sad to see his new girlfriend in the audience, Carolina Something or other (maybe I'll fill that in later), because I liked the Moya-Penetta romance. Carolina has the whiff of model/actress. Sigh. Anyway, as soon as I have more info on her, maybe I will be comforted by knowing more about her. But Penetta was awesome! Is awesome. And I love two-tennis-peeps romance.

I am now watching Stepanek v. Andreev. After seeing Andreev win against Monfils in Toronto, and being totally blown away by his spinny super-raquet accelerrating shots, I hope he pulls through here, tight in the third set. Also, Andreev studied tennis in Spain, so for me, he is an alomst-Spaniard, like Safin, like Kuznetsova, and therefore, I like him very much. That said, I have walked by Stepanek on more than one occasion during my Canada trips and- OK, you gotta trust me on this - he's actually quite handsome and charming-looking in real life! TV is not kind to everyone. The TV makes him look - um- unattractive. But really he's not unattractive. Really!

I love tiebreaks in the third in general. So. I'm happy. DUDE! Down the line winner! Go Igor!!!! ( I love that name, my first cat was named Igor, after my dad's favorite composer, Stravinski.)

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