Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Two, Roger Cup 2008

We are back. I'm exhausted. We stayed in the stadium court much longer than we usually do. That is because- the first match was Moya, who I LUV, v. Haas. Moya played like he never had a chance. I still can't figure out why. But- Haas kindly signed all the kids' balls- including, of course, Rockytoad and Cheesewad's balls. Then, Roddick took the court and my sons love Roddick so we stayed. (I prefer trawling the back courts.) The match was marred with some rain delay. But mostly, it was ruined by Roddick's attitude. Why? WHY? His rudeness to the chair was something else. And then, Mahut, played so well. My hopes were up. An upset! But no. Then, Roddick became the only man, the entire day, who didn't sign the ball for one child. Not one. That basically explains Roddick's entire personality. Not many people lose and sign balls. But to win? And to not sign one ball? Well, you have to be Roddick to make that choice.

The best match by far was Andreev v. Monfils. What fantastic young men!! Such great great tennis. Rockytoad and I were freaked out by Andreev's forehand. Nothing is wierder. More spin, more action, more raquet head acceleration. I think about the matches I've seen-- I think about the times I've seen Nadal, up close, years ago, on a practice court. But Andreev? It's UNIQUE. The wiederst, nastiest shot I've seen. BUT- unpredictable. Errors, yes. And NO ONE fights like Monfils. By far, the best best match today. Just fantastic tennis from both men. Oh, and of course, Andreev signed balls. All of them. Because he's a man.

Back at the hotel, we rode the lift up with Erlich, the doubles specialist. Very smiley and sweet (we never bother the guys at the hotel, for the most part, just are grateful to be in their presence.) Then, on the elevator down to the fantastic restaurant, we - literally -- bumped into Clement. HOT. Although, I fear he is shorter than me. Oh well. I hate being tall. Also, when was the last time he shaved? He's still hot. And he smiled at ME? Oh, that's because I'm with two cute little ones.

Other sightings today:
Donald Young, in the golf cart, being driven away. I said (loudly, let it be known)- "How'd you do?" He looked up, and nodded his head, no. WAAH. But, I'm sure he fought hard. A second later, we saw a cart with an icy looking Giles Simon, the man who beat Young. Rockytoad said, "It doesn't look like he just won a match." Which was true. He looked- cold as ice, like in the song. Sort of handsomey French, too.

And, one must always talk about the cab ride home. We had a very nice African-Canadian man, who played the news radio so loudly it was distorted. We heard Obama in the US talking about his Middle East policy, we heard that the Batman star, Christiam Bale, is in trouble with the law. But I forgot the thing I wanted to share with you. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

Great great day. I'm brain damaged from all the tennis.

We watched Verdasco in the Granstand, too. But not for long. This is because he was losing to Bolelli. And even though I worship the ground he walks on, and he had a great turquoise shirt and orange shorts outfit, super hottt, he was behaving a little princessy for my taste. I've seen others out on that court behave worse - Haas, Moya, even. It's loud. But Verdasco even had his hand on his hip and waited a looong time before continuing play. It seemed he was upset about people at the very top who were standing up and facing away from him, away from the court, and looking down at another court below. Now, this is a honorable tradition, sitting at the very top and looking below. So, Verdasco, you were wrong to be annoyed. Also, they were chatting. Maybe a bit loudly. But letting that stuff get to you is what makes you lose the match!!! That said, I would rub your sore feet and tell you all of this nicely and I don't hold it against you, really. I can't! I head your facebook fan group! I love you! (BTW- he went on the win the next two sets, after losing the first one 6.1!!!! Well, I gave up on you too early, Fernando. Sorry.)

Yours truly,


R.C. French said...

Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Insider coverage from the player hotel even, wow, that's neat. Will you get to speak some Spanish to any of the Espangolophones?

paula said...

I truly hope I get to say something in Spanish to one of my Faves. I usually do get to say, "Jueges Bien" or something like that.

In fact, I am going down to breakfast soon. Last time, almost all the players are down for bfast (except the Fed, Roddick, service guys cause they are such big stars.)But I won't bother them while eating - I'll just check them out, discreetly, I hope (gotta control those impulses.)

But if I see them in the halls, or elevator, or at the tournament- I'll say something for sure! Altough just checking out their majestic selves in AWESOME.