Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Feel-Good Story of the Open - Yes, I'm Talking About Wickmayer

RR here -

I know, the coverage has been non-stop to the point of being annoying, but I have to join in. I am that excited. That's right, I'm talking about Wickmayer's big breakthrough at the '09 US Open. Into the quarters. I know - seems like big news, and the tennis world is all abuzz, but we tennis insiders have seen this coming for a long time. Ever since the rumors first emerged about Henin having her brain transplanted into a 6' body and making a comeback... an amazing sacrifice by Wickmayer to offer her body up for this amazing scientennific experiment. What?

Other matches... Soderling advances... which is good for my racket bracket. But will he just roll around on the ground and expose his vulnerable parts for Federer like he did at the French? Or will he growl and bare his teeth and make his fur stand up and so on? I have no idea.

Alona Bondarenko absolutely bagelizing Dulko... wait no! NO! Not Alona - Kateryna. (Thanks comment person!) Dulko is my girlfriend so I am sad. I saw Kateryna, Alona's sister (or Alona is Kateryna's sister?) upset Ivanovic last week. Go sisters! Sisters working it out outrageously! There's a third Bondarenko sister too. Look for the new series, "Those Bondarenko Girls", on the WB. We saw Alona walking around the grounds last year, with like 3 serious boy toys in tow. (Note from Paula- three SERIOUS boy toys in tow- it was impressive!) Pretty girl. Size 12 feet (men's) at least. Foot people take note. Don't know so much about Kateryna, except she looked like a super jock and had a rad tat on her back.

We didn't get to see Verdasco/Isner. We were hanging out with Cal Redmond, our favorite pro from Total Tennis, at his joint. He's a photographer and a tennis genius. We played tennis today. The whole family. A rare occasion for Rockytoad and Cheesewad to get a piece of Mom and Dad. They were like wolves tearing at a crippled moose. Little savages. Sorry I am not making much sense tonight. Anyway Cal was awesome - he yelled at us awesomely until we did better tennis. Then, he made us nachos. Our kids hung with his beautiful children and we hung with him and his lovely wife Iris. A great evening.

I am done - tomorrow we are going to the night session.

RR out


Anonymous said...

Erm... that wasn't Alona who double bagelled Dulko. It was Kateryna.

paula said...

Hey, thanks for the correction. We'll fix that!