Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Del Potro Defeats Cilic and- I'M NUMBER THREE

Well, after the first set, to which I actually paid attention, I am sort of surprised to see Del Potro rolling here in the fourth. It was sort of a fun match- two youngish guys. Two tall dudes.

Rick Rock and Rockytoad are on their way now, to watch Nadal and Gonzo, live! It's supposed to rain, but I have my fingers crossed for them. I'm staying home and feeding Cheesewad- what else? --pizza. I'm glued to the TV though and super excited to watch Nadal and Gonzo. Now, I don't know their head to head (although I could look it up and will- just checked it's 6/3 Nadal, see for yourself by clicking here) but I wonder if Nadal is just going to plow through him. It should be an awesome display of hitting. And the Chilean fans are NUTS. They always make things exciting. Also, Gonzo is sort of a dick, so that has it's entertainment value as well.

Also, last I looked? I was number SEVEN in The Tennis Channel's raquet bracket!!!! Rick Rock? He was 1450!!! HAHAHA! Sorry. I'm mean to him sometimes. Honestly? I filled it out all cold hearted and seriouslike. He probably listened to his heart. I have done that before, and then I end up number 1450. I felt like winning a T-shirt this time. (RR once won a T-shirt.)

OH MY GOD! I just re-checked! I AM NUMBER THREE!!!!!! Oh man. I...I might cry.

More soon!!!

Yours Truly,

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