Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everyone Welcome our new Contributor Roxane!

YEAH! Rick Rock, Rowan, and myself all want to welcome Roxane to Must Watch Tennis All The Time!! An avid fan- like the rest of us- she'll offer her own opinions, loves, confusions, irritations, amusements and hates, like we all do here. Freewheeling tennis thoughts, people! That is what is so great about tennis, and life. It brings out our own personalities, even if we are -um- not the actual tennis players.

So- here's my feedback on the two great posts by RR and Roxane. Firstly, I too was uncomfortable during that first set and watching Venus come down on that super wrapped knee. Especially when they slow moed it...OW. (I have tons of gross injuries I will bore you with later). But then, the second set- yeah, Kim made errors- but Venus started moving well. It's as if that ibuprofrin (Advil? (sp?) kicked in. I know, things can hurt, but once that adrenalin and maybe a bit of pain reliever kicks in, all is better for awhile. Kimmy had serious errors, too. Those first two sets were wierd.

And - Roxane. I TOTALLY understand your frustration for not being heard from your couch. I mean, you know what they need to do! And there they are, not listening to you. It hurts. It makes you think- since when did my telepathy stop working?? And then you think, maybe I should switch to Verizon or AT&T? Or Cable??? It's confusing. I know when I sit around mumbling on the couch to the TV, I just assume that those tiny little people inside the TV know I am the boss! Because, for one, I'm bigger than them. I mean, it's not because I've had a few cocktails and am lonely and over-involved with tennis players. It's because they don't listen to me!! If I were a really young attractive Spanish tennis player, I would listen to ME! That's right, me.

THIRD SET. Aaahhh. Just a more normal set. One break? It was a tight, tight match. I'm sad to see Venus, my favorite Williams go out, but I think it was a great great match in its own way. Two things I like about Kimmy- Number One- she has acne. I love how vulnerable that makes her. Her face has large red shiney moutain ranges on it. And also, why try to hide it? You're just gonna sweat that make-up off, right? She seems not to try to hide it. God bless her bad skin. It's like Karlovic's stutter- I love our humanness, our weaknesses, the things that make us fight in whatever little or big way- um, Kimmy's way is big- to get along in this world. And number two- she's goofy and fierce? And a mom? I guess that was like four things. Comebacks are always fun.

And lastly, when Kimmy meets up with Serena? As much as I like Kimmy, Serena, my guess is, will beat the crap out of her. Serena's focus is out of control, not to mention her game.

More soon! Night matches to come!!!

Yours Truly,

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