Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oudin DEFEATS Sharapova WHOAA- this is an update

I am really tired because I drank too much tequila last night while watching the super hot Nadal beat that German asshat, Kiefer. I've been half assedly watching Federer and Djokovic struggle in their matches. In fact, I did not press pause while I went to eat fried pork chops, broccoli, fantastic super fresh corn on the cob bought straight from a farm in Deposit, NY and garlic bread. Aaaaah. Now I am back to tennis. Oudin and Sharapova are in the first set. The flipping match was playing on the television at the Binghamton Tennis Center while I played there today. (Beat RR in three- it was 7/6, 3/6, 6/3). When I went to use the bathroom, I did a tiny little run thing and told the girl at the desk " not watching, lalala, taping it at home" and put my hands over my ears. Now, I know she thinks I'm weird- but do I care? I do not.

Then I made the mistake of checking in on facebook. NOOOO! Murphy Jensen is my facebook friend, and he had posted something about this Oudin/Maria match..but I feel it was cryptic and/or am lying to myself and am pretending or don't actually know what happens with these ladies. Anyway, I hope I don't fall asleep before it's over. I love tennis. I drank too much and wore a nicotine patch for the first time in my life yesterday and today--well, I feel tired to say the least.

OK, Oudin's feet and shoes. Firstly, her feet are enormous. Like, a size 10? Are her feet as big as Alexa Glatch's? (Hmmm. NO.) I feel if you were to put her feet length wise in comparison to her body, they'd be up to her knees. Just a thought. Also, her shoes? They turn up at the toes like wacky Moroccan sandals worn by genies and those guys who fly around on flying carpets or like Dutch wooden shoes with those pointy upward toes thingies (Man, I sooo had a pair of those! Wooden, with little flowers painted on them! Fuck, they were uncomfortable!) Also, did any of you see that EXCELLENT King Of The Hill, where Peggy, with her size 12 feet, gets conned into doing gross big feet things for a foot fetish/ gross out webcast where her big feet smash eggs and crap? It's a brilliant episode- I highly recommend it--and Oudin's feet made me think of that episode. Also, people want to make fun her feet? She can go-- "Fuck You! I'll kick your ass at tennis, BITCH!"And that concludes my pondering Oudin's feet.

YEAHHH! I was really into Melanie winning that match!! Shit yeah! Hellz yeah! And so on. Also, I want Maria's dress. Might have to buy it.

Soon- more! Maybe more from RR.

Yours Truly,

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