Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi Nadal, Please Win the US Open?

RR here -

Hi Nadal, please win the US Open? Could ya? Why do I care? Not sure, but nevertheless, I would be glad. Sports is weird like that. Certainly, don't lose to this Kiefer dude. If it were Anselm Keifer, at least he's like cultural with his like painting about our times and all, but this guy? No.

Oh Pammy is talking to Vilas - we saw him at his club in BA.... P is getting all fuzzy about him...

So come on Rafa - win this shit! It would be nice. Good for the game, etc. Fed and Rafa get the career slam in the same year? That would be worth a mention on Sportscenter. Regular non-tennis geek people would maybe talk about that? And, if Fed regained #1 status, and Rafa regained #2 status in the same year, that would be some super-esoteric stat for future generations to contemplate?

By the way, Patrick and John commentating together, is pretty funny. 5 seconds in, they were at each other's throats, in a brotherly way.

I keep calling Rafa "Waffleberry" in my mind, or sometimes out loud - because that is my nickname for our kitten, whose real name is "Rafa", but who I call "Wafleberry". I don't know why.


RR out - cheers.

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