Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Czink vs. Serena - plus random observations from a couple of nights at the Open

RR here -

I have a theory that "Czink" is pronounced "Chink", not "Sink" like they are saying, but they don't want to say "Chink". That's my theory! But, I do not speak Hungarian, so I really can't prove it. Why do I even think that? Am I just trying to cause trouble? I don't know.

This match is not looking so promising...

So anyway, we were out there at the Open Monday night, together, and I was there last night. BWA! My Belorussian friend Yev went the last THREE nights so I don't feel so bad. Monday we saw Danny Hanny play Megan Shaugnessy at Louis Armstrong. Dude, there was no one there, and we rolled up nice and close. Wait did P already blog about this? Anyway, I was in heaven. Prior we got a peek at Sybille Bammer on a back court. Wow. Big, strong lady. One of her thighs is like both of mine put together. She lost to a Spaniard with skinnier thighs. Thighs alone do not decide the match, despite what Johnny Mac says.

Then we saw the night matches - we were WAYY up in the bleachers at Arther Ashe, which was weirdly exhilarating... I felt weird in a good way up there. Word of advice - hot dogs only - do NOT eat the Mexican food. Bad, bad situation.

Last night I was in a fancy corporate box, with my friend Dan. That was after seeing Ivanovic through set 1 and up a break in set 2, at Louis Armstrong, again way up close because no one was there? The reason she lost, is because Dan left at that point, and she was heartbroken - that's what Dan said anyway.

Poor Chink - she is getting steamrolled. We are going twice next week too...

RR out


Danny B said...

I think it should be pronounced "zinc". Because she's "sink"ing like metal. (drum roll please)

Danny B said...

...and for the record, I would like to publicly apologize to Ana. "Ana, I am deeply sorry. I hope some day you will find it in your heart to forgive me."

paula said...

Ana needs a new boyfriend to calm her down with his special powers to - well-- nail her good and properly on a regular basis so her mind is off her serve and she is all giddy, like "hehe, I don't care about tennis, I just want to get back to my hotel room for some more of that" and then and ONLY then, will she relax and start kicking ass on the court again. Just my opinion.

Kim at TennisFixation said...

Reading you guys is better than watching the matches - keep it up!

paula said...

Thanks for reading Kim!