Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HEY! I was courtside at Nadal-Gonzalez tonight!

RR Here - I was at the Open again, more tickets through my jobs, and they were good ones! Paula super-generously let Rockyroad go in her place - this was before we knew how awesome the tickets were! So it was me and my boy 3 rows in, in the corner, on the chair side, on the broadcast booth side! We don't accept big money corporate sponsorships here on Must Watch Tennis, as that would compromise our integrity, so I can't mention who gave us the tickets, but, thanks guys!

Anyway I finally remembered the camera - or rather Paula remembered it to me. Here's a picture of Gonzo, on the left.
And here is a picture of Rafa - yes I caught him right in mid butt-pick:
I am trying my best to make this layout nice or at least not completely messed up. Maybe unsuccessfully.

We left after the first rain delay. It really didn't look like it was going to stop And it did for just a bit, but awesome as it was being so close I have no regrets - we couldn't have made a crazy late night of it. Anyway they only played a few more games, and have stopped again. I think that's it for the night,

Here's another pic of Rafa, looking rough and tough whilst toweling off. Rockyroad knew a bunch of the ball/towel boys, from being at the USTA camp - instructors and so on there. he knew this guy holding the towel.

By the way Reggie Molina was sitting right in front of us. I don't know who he is, but I think a ball player for the Yankees maybe? I should look it up. Anyway everyone else was like "holy crap!". For all I know we were surrounded by reality show stars - I have no idea.

A couple more pics - Here is the Beeg, stepping out right when the rain started and saying... something? I don't know what he said!

I'm going to make an observation about the actual match. Nowhere near the hard-hitting we saw with Nadal and Monfils. Obviously, super hard hitting from Gonzo, but Nadal I feel mainly pushing the ball back. Partly because he has an injury, but I also feel like it was a tactic. Particularly the first set tiebreak - he was spinning balls back short and daring Gonzo to whack the shit out of them. Which he did. Gonzo had at least 3 if not 4 long balls in that tiebreak, in my opinion provoked by Rafa, and it made the difference. Crafty!

One other note - being courtside in Arthur Ashe, there is really a lot of noise and distraction. For example, me, taking pictures and saying "oh my god this is so amazing!" every 30 seconds. I am amazed these guys can stay focused.

Here is one more pic of the booth - you can see Johnny Mac and I am not sure who is with him - was it Patrick? Can't quite tell.

Anyway it was an amazing experience. We have been courtside at matches before, but it is a different thing night time at the Open. Super fun. Wish the weather had held, but hey.

Looks like the match is really done for the night, and tomorrow is supposed to be a pile of rain too. Boo!

RR out

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Danny B said...

Sounds amazing! So jealous!!!