Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Safina Beats Rogowska

Well, that was fun but stressful to watch. I will say that I agree ONE HUNDRED percent with Brad Gilbert about Safina's coach. He's just too negative. And I said it to Rick Rock and I'll write it here and Beeg (as we call him) said it too- that it worked for Safina for awhile- the whole tough love thing--and she greatly improved her ranking and play and fitness. But now, she needs more kindness and encouragement. Did you all hear her thank the encouraging audience? Notice how she didn't thank her frowning, grumpy coach? Enough. I'm glad he was tough on her to get her to where she is, now he needs to pump his fist and LOVE her. I feel like I know Safina. She just needs some love! She's so cute with her pink teddy bear sweatshirts and her wide, open, genuine smile (as opposed to some calculated media tooth showing). Give her some love, man!

Also, congratulations to the very exciting Aussie player, Olivia Rogowska, for playing so tough and fighting so hard. My Australian friends who I met at Total Tennis and who now are enjoying lovely weather for the US Open (it's been so nice out, instead of gross and hot like it is sometimes is in August in NYC) hopefully caught their country-mate displaying her fine talent and grit.

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