Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Heard it Here Last - Tsonga over Federer in a Perfectly Scripted Match - also Pennetta and Hantuchova Together Outrageously

RR Here -

I am on yesterday. Right now I am watching Hantuchova and Pennetta - ahhhh - but the match of the day )yesterday) would have to be Tsonga-Fed. Holy crap! It was like, a movie. The dive on set point that for a bit there appeared to cost him the match... it was like the movie "Wimbledon", where everyone dove on every other shot - primarily Murphy Jensen, brother of P's new boyfriend. Ha ha I am just kidding - I should make that clear because we have gotten in trouble before for joking around like that. To Luke's significant other out there - just kidding!

But anyway, the dive, the sore arm, 5-1 Fed in the 3rd, then the awesome comeback, where Fed was helpless, Tsonga was a monster. Really impressive. Nobody does that to Federer... except Nadal. and Tsonga has done that to Nadal too! Tsonga still has a little bit of a puppy vibe, like he is really still maturing or something. Still a lot of wasted energy. So he could really be better? Or maybe that is his strength - exuberance, energy, etc. Anyway, if it had been in a movie, you would have said, "that is so stupid. NO one dives like that, and that would never happen..." but it did!!!!!

Ahh Pennetta and Hanny... who cares who wins.... I wish they were playing best of 100 sets.

Almost caught up now...

Gwa, Pennetta won it and, she just looks so happy when she wins. And... and... they actually showed Pennetta and Hanny kissing at the net.. and then showed it again... in slow motion... it went on for like a minute..... ahhhhhhh.....

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