Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clijsters and the Kuzerator!!!

How fun to have the young mother back! I have always loved Kimmy. I was sort of freaked out when I heard- was it wrong? just gossip?- that her mother had a baby when she had a baby. To like, join in? Um, that's wierd.

I love love love Kimmy. But- but but. OK, I want the Kuz to win. The Kuz is full of all sorts of greatness and goofiness and dykiness. I love her. She finally won another Grand Slam -THE FRENCH--after winning that first one, the US Open, at the wee little age of 17, I think. She did that special lesbian magic thing that then Stosur picked up on which was- befriend the Williams sisters. That reduces their magic tennis powers! Now, the lesby wonderwomen can beat those Williams girls. It's the whole, we're friends now. The Williams sisters hit big, yes, but then the dykes handle the pace, look across the court and give them that look. Yeah, that look. The look that says, "Yeah, you hit the ball hard, but man, I fist women! That's right! I could stick a large part of my arm into your vagina and that would be a nice evening for me!" And that is why lesbians like The Kuzerator and Stosur have special magic over the Williams.

Also, I met Luke Jensen tonight! I blabbed to him about my blog. I said, "it's a bit pg 13" but I hope he checks it out. Also, I told him how much I like his commentary. And that is the truth. I have the ones I like- he is one of them. Also? He's cute. And nice.

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