Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Am Not in Canada for the First Time in Five Six Years

Sigh. I am not in Canada, after going five years in a row. I have not been blogging because I am blogging somewhere else that was getting 75,000 page views a months! I had a big audience. I might not be there much longer though. I am depressed.

The reason I am not in Canada is because my sons are much busier than they used to be- that happens as they grow up--and I cannot as easily cart them around with me all the time to go watch tennis in Canada. They have "friends" and want to go things. Thet love the Canada trip....I think we'll go again. But this year, certain camp things with the boys have kept us so busy. WAAAH! Oh, I just felt sorry for myself. I hate feeling sorry for myself.

I am watching Haas and Gonzo right now. I also spent a few hours today at the Binghamton Challenger. It''s amazing tennis! Baghdatis showed up but did not play. He did give a press conference of sorts! I watched this hot Viking looking dude from one of those "stans" part of Russia by the name of Istomin (number 67 in the world? I think...) play today. Fine, fine tennis. I like being so close up to tennis. Where the guy can almost fall on your lap. And then, maybe hug you. And then, maybe kiss you. And then later, you could get together at his hotel, make love or, screw like crazed animals....

Oh. Where was I? Oh yes. Tennis. Sigh. Capdeville, from Chile, is here again. He is very good. I watched him win this last year. Sigh. I miss being in Montreal. But I am super grateful for the amazing tennis in Binghamton. But what about that other blog? What to do, what to do.

People, tennis fans and friends--I'm looking for more guest blogging! Anyone with ideas, please leave a comment!

Yours Truly,

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