Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Serena defaults against Kimmy - WHA?

RR here -

Whoa what just happened? We had a match. That was wrong. Yeah foot fault code violation whatever, that was not the way for that match to end. It's a big shame. Maybe Kim would have broken, maybe not and the match goes on, maybe Serena digs it out - we'll never know. That was wrong.

Give the chair more discretion, avoid messed up legalistic moments like this.

RR out


rcm said...

It wasn't the foot fault, it was the abusive language toward the line judge - after an earlier instance of racket abuse.
The thing is, at first, she went back to the line to serve, and THEN made the mistake of continuing the tirade.
It was only at that time the line judge was motioned to come and report what was said.

Too bad - for Serena and for Kim. She didn't get to hold her serve and Kim didn't get to play and win the match point.

R. Gay said...

It was such a big mess. I am still shocked that the officials allowed a point penalty to be assessed on match point.

Danny B said...

What I want to know is, why didn't Serena challenge the call? Are you not allowed to challenge foot fault calls? If not, you should be!

Danny B said...

Answer to my own question:

"The play is not reviewable under USTA rules, but officials discussed changing that at a meeting Sunday morning, and they plan to revisit the issue in the coming months, said USTA spokesman Chris Widmaier."