Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oudin v. the Woz (Dane) - Rage Against the Machine!

RR Here -

I just think the Oudin story is so amazing. That a little girl from Georgia could get a wild card into the Open, win, win again, get into the Quarters, and then on top of it become President of the United States! The first 17 year old in history! It's just incredible. We had change we could Believe in, but this, people, is big bucks.

It's no accident. She already has 3 interns from Harvard working on her account at IMG. One is working on the book deal for her memoir - "I Believe I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass at Tennis, Bitch: How a Little Girl from Georgia Won Big and Scored an Awesome Rep Deal With the Best Sports Agency in the World, and Then Got A Sweet Endorsement Deal". Harvard Boy number two's job is to order up the "Believe" T-shirts and give them out to the team, family members, fans, strangers, homeless people, the Mexican hijackers in case the get on the news while being executed, etc. Harvard Boy number three's job is to say "Oh My God! I'm so excited!" over and over to the other two to keep them pumped up. Trademarking the word "Believe" was a highly worthwhile investment.

Oudin just lost the first set. She's got the Woz just where she wants her... I "believe" the script calls for some diving later, let's see if she comes up with it...

People I am just having fun - she's playing great tennis and she is a cute kid. It's just the rumblings of the machine kicking into gear that makes me feel weird.

Rockyroad is out watching "District 9" with a friend. The machine kicking into gear made me think of when the giant spaceship finally roars to life! That is what's happening at IMG right now - the alien dudes there (see P's awesome alien post! They are everywhere!) are revving up the kickass alien PR machine, strapping into the giant PR ass-kicking alien whoopass suit, eating some cat food and YEAH!

All right Melanie - time to come back now girl! America needs a hero!

RR out and getting back on his meds - cheers!

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