Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, September 4, 2009

Murray versus Capdeville

This match is interesting- and it may not remain so, when Murray starts putting the hot womp on skinny little Paul--because we saw Capdeville play- and win- The Binghamton Challenger recently! We love the Binghamton Challenger. Guccione, the Aussie was there (I think). Carston Ball. Um, lots of cool players have been there- the American Ryan Sweeting. Baghdatis showed up this year but then did not play! He's not here at the US Open, either. Poor guy. Anyway, Capdeville is a Chilean, which is the only country in all of South America which I don't get all swooney over. I am sure the country itself is gorgeous- I plan on horsebacking riding through its mountains someday-- but the male tennis players from Chile are all a but "eh". Like, Massu? He didn't sign my kids' balls at the Canada Open! He was arrogant and rude. I don't like him. And even though Fernando Gonzalez is really hot- I'd cuddle him if you know, he asked-- he has a deserved reputation of being a dick. He does that glare at you over the net, all slow and long, with his fist in the air. I've seen him do that on the backcourts in Canada. He reminds me a bit of Kiefer, personality wise.

So, Capdeville- funny last name for a Chilean, huh? (Massu is Hungarian. Nalbandian, the beloved Argentine, is part Armenian..South America is quite diverse, ethnically.) Capdeville is smaller looking than my thirteen year old. He looks quit South American, despite his last name. He has sort of bucked teeth, which I like. (I like bad teeth, um, for the most part. There are exceptions). But, like his fellow countrymen/tennis players, he exudes some dickishness. I remember years ago watching him play Ancic on TV- I forget the tournament-- and the two actually got into a pushing match! That never happens in tennis. Also, Ancic? He's three times the size of Capdeville! It was sort of funny.

OK. I'm going to drink a margarita now. More soon!

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