Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, September 14, 2009

Del Potro defeats Roger Federer!!!!!

Well, as per usual, I am sort of sad that the end is here. After this match, what the hell am I going to do with myself? Clean up dead birds? I hate it when a grand slam ends. The only thing good about a grand slam ending is that I will no longer have to listen to Mary Carillo. I'll miss Johnny Mac, though. He's a fave around here.

Is Del Potro going to tighten up? Federer has a 6/0 head to head with Delpo. Hmm. But Delpo is young and getting better every day. So maybe he'll make a match of it? Not yet. But, hey, it's only the second game!

CONTRAVERSY!!!!! Just kidding. I think there was something on the court. So a replay is called for. Man, that little "whoaa" moment woke me up. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine now.

Well, as this match isn't so thrilling, I'm going to talk about myself for a minute. I am now 258 in the racquet bracket. This is down from THREE. This is because Andy Murray is a bad man and didn't make it to final. I do have Fed winning so I'll get some points, but I think I am out of the running for a T-shirt.

Also, RR and I were talking about trying to be the absolute LAST place, you know, purposefully? Just for the heck of it. And what made me think of that is I accidentally checked my racquet bracket for the Aussie Open- and I was 5008 out of around 6000. That's really really bad. But I can't remember if I did it on purpose- wait, I lie- I didn't do it on purpose. Sigh.

Oh - now it's good all of a sudden! Delpo woke up? I woke up, too. Maybe he sensed I opened a nice bottle of Rose from Provence and thought, "I gotta enterain this lady." Thank, Delpo, for thinking of me.

Oh WOW! Delpo is up a minibreak. I'm excited. Also, I'm feeling a bit itchy (fleas..I gotta bomb this house this week). He's got a set point! Oh man, that looked like one of my overheads! I suck at overheads. OK, now he a set point on his serve. This could be fun! I'm ordering sushi tonight! I'm really in the mood for a five setter. YEAH! Go Delpo!

What's this about a Lexus? Have I missed this the whole tournament? That's a sweet looking car.

OK, old dudes and their young wives. Gavin and Gwen! I like them. shit, I wish I could get away with that lipstick color. She's awesome- I love her.

WOW! The break! Delpo is looking like he believes! And Fed looks- ruffled. That is the word that I think best describes Fed when he gets off his game.

The shit word! not as beautiful as the fuck word, but hey. The challenge system is flawed, that may be the only smart thing that has ever come out of Carillo's mouth. It should just BE, IMO. As in, get rid of line judges. Otherwise, someone needs to kidnap her and make her go away. Maybe she'd make a good- PTA president?- or something like that? But get her off tennis commentary.

OK, Delpo is swinging like a crazy man. He's making it sometimes...but it's a little remiscient of Gonzo before Stepanki taught him a thing or two.

THE BREAK! Oh man, I am sooooo in the mood for a five setter! I'm hanging out on Tennis X (click here)- because it's so lively and so far none of the scary nutty people who do hang there are there! So it's fun!!! Come join.

OK, now I'm behind because I had to get food. But Fed just broke back. Not so surprising.

WOW! What a match! Fed really started playing badly but all credit to DELPO!!! An Argentine!!!! I'm so happy. I love tennis.

Yours Truly,


Danny B said...

Del Potro is going Del Potty.

paula said...

Oh man, he's doing the "I'm just happy to be here" thingy-

R. Gay said...

THEY AREN'T AIRING THE MATCH HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going nuts.

R. Gay said...

Crisis averted. I can watch it online.

paula said...

Yeah Roxane! Glad you can watch it.

Danny B said...

Does anyone have some craw I can eat?

Anonymous said...

Nice that you wrote, "The only thing good about a grand slam ending is that I will no longer have to listen to Mary Carillo." Check out this video with Mary from an episode called Race in Sports on HBO Sports' Got No Game with Paul Mecurio -

paula said...

I think it's safe to say that three out of the four bloggers here at Much Watch Tennis All The Time each have thier own problems with Mary. Not sure if you were sarcastic with your "nice that you say" comment, but again, we here at MWTAT purposefully act silly, say what's on our mind without censorship, and - in my case- basically lust after Spanish dudes non-stop.

Regardless, thanks for sharing that video. I had never seen it! It was funny. Mary was funny in it. Mocking stereotypes in very Saturday Night Live- I liked it.

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