Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye and Serena

Rowan here, quick post!

So cool that Paula and family went to the VMAs! I am jealous. I love it when Kanye behaves badly, I can't help it. The man is great. Serena is great too, I don't think she deserved what happened. She and Kanye should collaborate. 

I'm a big Fedophile, but wouldn't it be cool if Del Potro wins the US Open tomorrow and does the most epic cross himself and kiss the heavens thing ever? I would like to see that.


Ampersand said...

Rowan I like that image of Del Potro epically crossing a lot. I am picturing him doing it in slow motion it with the Vengelis music from "Chariots of Fire".

paula said...

Yes to the Delpo chariots of fire epic crossing himself!

Regarding Kanye and Serena- as a mother raising kids, I tend to think in this way "If my son did that..."and so I am not a huge fan of bad behavior. The Kanye thing was so stupid in that- duh, of course Beyonce is gonna win some huge award. But Rowan- if you like bad behavior, that is cool and fine with me, it is sort of exciting and I'm not super worried about it. As long as it's not happening in my kitchen.