Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Suarez Navarro defeats Venus Williams

Third Set! I watched boatlaods of tennis, napped, woke- and third set! I actually saw this whole match. But I feel stunned to a whole new wakefulness here in a third. Now, I'll take some caffeine.

Wow. The Spaniard isn't intimidated! I would be. She's nuts. But it's making for great tennis. Venus is playing pretty well here, I think it's the third deuce. It's the second game in the third set. It was the longest game in the match so far and Navarro pulled it out! Yeah, tennis. No one getting whomped. I hate it when it's one sided, like that Nadal match the other day against C. Rochus I, literally, could not watch.

Well, now Venus is up 3/1 here. This is more sensible. Maybe Navarro is having that thing happen, like in the cartoons from my childhood, where the cartoon character just runs and runs and runs, right over a cliff, into the air, keeps running IN the air, but then!- She looks down! Sees where she is! And boom! She falls. We'll see. It's not over yet. Just thinking.

5/4 here in the third. Venus flubbed a match point. Now she sprayed some more. Hmm. Even the fancy pros show nerves??? The pressure? Come on Venus. Show us why you are who you are! Wow. 5 all!!! This is good stuff. Please, TV people, don't go back to the not very exciting Blake match (more one sided than this by far). Stay here!

Holy CRAP! Venus really made a bunch of errors. But Navarro- she played well, within herself, never looked down at the abyss like those aforementioned cartoon characters. And Venus- so well mannered! So gracious. I love that. WOW.

Now, the dreaded press conference. If I had a choice of doing a press conference, or getting beat up by a drunk bitch at the bar, I think I would choose the latter. They are pretty awful. Painful! The questions! If I had a choice between doing a press conference or say, letting three dogs pee all over my leg, I would choose the latter. If I had a choice between doing a press conference and...(your idea here) join in in the comments below!!! (BTW- Venus is handling it well. She's a pro.)

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Ampersand said...

If I had a choice between being in a press conference and being Bud Collins, I would choose the latter. At least I would only be offending myself!