Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Buddy Ron Won This Trophy and- I'm Watching Tennis!

My buddy Ron won the this trophy. It is a FIRST place sort of trophy, for 4.0 USTA tennis! I am so impressed I am beside myself. Wow. Eveybody, give Ron a huge congratulations. I never have won a trophy in my life. I once won a 12th place ribbon for the vault in "regionals" in Indiana. I still have that ribbon.
Nalbandian lost the first set to whom? Lu? Who they say beat Murray in the Olympics. But Nalby is making errors and looks - unfocused. Irritated. Frustrated. I have him making it to the semis. I mean, the match is not over yet (on my DVRed TV, but in real life, it is most definitely over). I now watch with baited breath. My man Nalby. I am sending you love vibes through the universe and back in time to when you were actually playing this match-- as opposed to now, when you are, I don't know, in your hotel room-- and my love vibes go like this- "Win Win Win!!!"
I'm just glad they are showing Nalby. They were showing Fish. I much prefer Nalby. But I mostly prefer him winning.
Oh great relief! He won the second set!!! My back-in-time win vibes got recieved by Nalby!!!
Let's not even talk about what this is doing to my raquet bracket. Let's just say, my heart is broken. He tried hard there at the end. But I am miserable.
Yours Truly,

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