Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Soon- The Hopman Cup!

Happy New Year, tennis fans everywhere! In a few days, the Hopman Cup starts! Yeah!!!! I like the whole mixed doubles thing. It creates a neat tension. I feel it can be hard for the dudes to sereve as hard as they usually do at a lady. I also feel it's harder for them to deal with forced errors from the fine ladies' powerful strokes, because they are the dudes. I also love that diamond ball! LOVE IT! I love bling.

And we also have NEW ZEALAND coming up and team member Rowan is going to BE THERE! We are so looking forward to his on site coverage!!!!

Here's my hangover cure: alka seltzer (didn't need one today, but you might), lots of glasses of half water/half gatorade, a water with a packet of Emergin C, a V8 or two (are you getting the liquid thing? It really works) -and- most importantly -five pieces of bacon and eggs, anyway you like them. Oh, and some coffee or tea, of course. Two or three hours later, take a nap and then- wake up, and Boom! You're ready to go again, like brand new!

Yours Truly,


Australian Open Tennis Fan said...

Happy new year.

Thanks for the hangover cure - Bacon and eggs is a definite for me, along with staying in bed all day and watching sport. This new years i watched the darts world championship, but a few days later i was lying in bed with my fry-up watching Andy Murray beat Rafael Nadal after first beating Federer.

Its going to be a great year...

paula said...

YEAH! Mr. AOTF- this year will be great. We will have excellent goofball coverage. Stay tuned my friend!