Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gonzalez defeats Gasquet

Well, by far, the best match I'VE seen ( I have not seen everything) on the men's side. We here wanted Gasquet to win, so we are disappointed. Now, I know I usually want the Latino dudes to win, but Gonzo has a bit of the "asshole Chilean" in him. Believe me, I'm sure there are Chileans out there who are not assholes. But I will say this: never, ever in a million years would I want Massu to win. That dude exudes awfulness. Gonzo is not as hated as him, but he does the "dirty look" thing over the net, that, say, Kiefer does (we don't like Kiefer). I guess it is fair to say, I am partial to the Spanish, the Argentine, the Colombians, the Venezuelans, and not the Chileans. Although Gonzo is HOT. But- eh- not my favorite.

Gasquet, on the other hand, is hot and --honestly? I worry about him. I worry he doesn't have enough support, and too much criticism. I worry that this epic battle where he played SOO well (but lost) will cause his "both my parents are tennis coaches" to be stern with him. I have these feelings, because of his mental fragility- he is mentally fragile, although he wasn't in this match--so I think it was a big breakthrough and should be treated as such- and I think he is mentally fragile BECAUSE he is not getting enough love. I want to love Gasquet. Cook him dinner (in Canada, he was always sitting alone at dinner...I wanted to go over to him, invite him to have dinner with us...), rub his feet, tussle his hair, give him big kisses. Hug him. Have sex with him. Oh wait!?? Now, here is where my feelings for Gasquet get confusing. I want to mother him, but I also want to have sex with him. Oh poo. It's all wrong.

Well, at least I don't have those confusing thoughts about, say, Lopez or Verdasco. I have no desire to mother them at all. I'll just focus on that.

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Naf said...

You are hilarious. :) As you must know, all men need to be mothered, and we usually want to have sex with the ones who need mothering the most.

paula said...

Thanks for stopping by Naf! You make a good point.