Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blake Defeats Andreev ( I think, it's not over yet)

Now, I'm all for Blake winning. But to do so so handily does not make for an exciting match. (Wait, Igor won that third set...nice.) Of all the American male players, Blake is my favorite. But as we all know here, I prefer the Latin dudes. And Igor is an honorary Latin dude and so I am little bummed to watch him get his fanny whooped. I say that Igor is an honorary Latino because he lived and learned tennis in Spain. He speaks Spanish beautifully, like some other Russians who lived in Spain-- Safin, Kuznetsova. Once, I sat next to him on a back court. He had towel over his head. We were both watching Ferrer, who is, like, his buddy. He was cheering on Ferrer in Spanish! I was like, in my mind, you are sooo cool. I didn't say anything to him in real life, though. I was feeling shy at the moment. Also, last August in Canada? I saw lots of tennis. But my favorite match was between Andreev and Monfils, a three setter. No one hits the ball WIERDER than Andreev. The action he gets on his forehands- it's more intense than anyone but perhaps Nadal's. So how is it he is sucking so badly here against Blake? No entiendo (that means "I don't understand". But he did take that third set. Hm.)

Also, Igor is a favorite name of mine. One, I like Igor Stravinsky. I think he made good music. Also, when I was a little girl, my dad really liked Stravinsky. So when I was like five, I got a cat, and named him Igor. I was so in love with that cat that once I ate cat food, to, like, bond with him. (It tasted really bad. One of my, like, three childhood memories that I actually remember, up there with breaking my arm doing wild cartwheels in the backyard. My son Cheeswad's memory I think works like mine. Every year in school, or so it seems, he has to do some writing exersize using "small moments" and he always writes about the time he got his finger slammed in a car door. It's the only thing he will remember from his childhood. Maybe I should convince him to try cat food, so he can have another memory.)

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