Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cilic v. Devvaman (who?) in Chennai

Rick Rock here

So we had this Tivo'ed for a day or so and I don't know, who was gonna be in Chennai with all the other events going on? We weren't that excited to watch. But then we took a peek, and this is good! Cilic is awesomely powerful - that match at the US Open (I think?) last summer against Djokovic - which Cilic lost in the end - was some of the hardest hitting I've ever seen - a Serb and a Croatian, 2 in the morning, in New York - bonkers. But this Devvarman kid - who is actually older than Cilic but he looks so young! - just absorbs it, and dishes back some of his own.

I bet it's nice and hot there in Chennai, and humid, and I bet the ball isn't moving like Cilic would like it to. I was in Chennai a few months ago so it's kind of extra fun for me. I was in Mumbai too, where I played a little pick-up tennis, and got my butt kicked... and there were giant bats everywhere! Anyway I digress...

Anyway at the least Devvarman is making Cilic work hard. Right now it's 5-5 in the 2nd and Cilic is having to fight hard to hold - oh he just did! Just super aggressive hitting!

I'm kind of hoping for Devvarman - it means a lot to the home crowd - but I have a feeling Cilic is going to pull it out.

Oh crap our Tivo/tape job just ran out at 6-5! Booooo.... can anyone tell us what happened??

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