Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank You, Rowan! And: Nalbandian defeats Niemenen

Rowan- what a treat to get great coverage of such a fantabulous event. Del Potro and Dementieva winning??!! Holy Holy! I belong to both of their facebook groups- I know there is more than one group for each, but still. I love Argentines and I love Leni (although not as much as Rick Rock, because I like dudes, and she's a lady, and he likes ladies, and he likes her noises and her thighs and well...he likes her). Anyway, I am super grateful to have had you here blogging. You are funny AND you like tennis! And you exude some serious kindness. How great is that? Great, great great.

I am watching Nalbandian beat Niemenen and it is not over but. BUT! He might win an event! And one of the commentators said it could be a good year in the Slams for him!!!!!!!! Oh, if it were true. I wasn't even drunk when I filled out my raquet bracket for the Aussie Open and then the next day I said to my friend, "I have Nalbandian beating Del Potro in the final." And then I went and looked at my picks, and I had Simon beating...wait I can't remember! Anyway, I went for the wacky wierd picks. But I have Nalby in the semis. I feel if I pick him to win the final of a Grand Slam, like I so often have done in the past, that I jinx him, and then he doesn't win, and it is all my fault for picking him. So, out of my love for him, I did not pick him. That is how I now understand it.

He looks amazing out there. Sexy black Yonex outfit. He is playing with a different Yonex raquet. I think this new raquet is going to help his game. It is heavier, I think. I played with his old Yonex raquet- demoed it--and it was too light for me. It had some nice action, but my balls were flying. I'm sure he had it tricked out, but still. I think a raquet change it great. Also, the Yonex raquets? OK, OK, raquets in general? They are to me like some people feel about their Iphones. Or vibrators. I mean, I LOVE tennis raquets. My son just got the Wilson Blade - the one that Djokovic plays with? I steal it from him from time to time. NICE. That raquet makes my breath come a little fast.

Nalby is serving well. It is 3/1 in the second. And his blond shaggy beard thing going on? Ahhhh. I am so happy to be alive.

(It's 5/3 now....nice. Nalby just smacked the most amazing second serve.) Now it is 5/5. I still love life, but I really am slightly disappointed with the score here. More soon. Oh for heaven's sake, he just framed a ball. Not one first sreve so far in the game. Now he put one in the net. Nerves? Nerves. It must be. It has to be. Good Lord, Nalby - you deserve this title!!! You do!!! Tiebreak time. WHOAH. Niemenen just hit the craziest winner. Now Nalby won a point beautifully. But the servers are not winning points, which is wierd. This is GREAT tennis. I love it when they dig their heels in and start playing like thier baby sister's virginity is on the line. The passion! The grit!

This might go to a third set.

Third set. My head hurts. I'm really tired. Great tennis. The left side of my forehead feels bad. More soon. OK, he's up a break here in the third, but he is struggling regardless. Holy crapper of craps. Two match points. Now one. HE DID IT!!!!!! Nice title for my man. I am sooo happy to be alive.

And I managed to stay up for the speech. Good Lord, how insanely polite and beyond gracious he is. That is why I love him. Oh, yes, he is hot. But come on! No one has more dignity than my man, David Nalbandian. Also, miraculously, my headache went away. Go figure.

Yours Truly,

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