Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, January 16, 2009

JMDP Feels It

Rowan here, back from semifinals day in Auckland. This year’s Heineken Open has been a good one for exciting three set matches. Sam Querrey got the better of David Ferrer in an outrageous 36 63 76(4) slugfest today, seesawing up and down the whole way. Ferrer had two match points at 6 games to 5 in the third set but couldn’t make it happen, aaaah. But California Sam is a good kid. He was not only serving lots of aces but also hanging with David (Dahveeeed! as the crowd liked to shout) in long rallies which is no easy feat. He’ll face Juan Martin del Potro in the final tomorrow, who took care of Robin Soderling in straight sets. Del Potro’s groundstrokes are great. He kind of lifts the ball high in the air, and it whomps down on court in just the right place. I am not very good at describing tennis shots, but trust me it is sweet.

That cross-himself-and-kiss-the-heavens thing del Potro does after every win is very cool. The young man has style. His ATP Feel It campaign picture is neat too. You know the ones they do with the swirls that have things in them? Great explanation there, but you know what I mean right? Rafa has bulls, Roger has tennis legends? Well del Potro’s one they’ve been showing off in Auckland says Feel The Ferocity and his swirl is made of purple dragons. Purple dragons! That’s wicked.

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paula said...

Ha! Purple Dragons! I have not seen that yet in the states.

Wow, the match between Ferrer and Querrey sounded fantastic.

My money is on Del Potro. But yo never know!!!!