Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, January 23, 2009

Verdasco v. Stepanek: Double Bagel??

Rick Rock here -

I am confused! I don't know how to feel. I am very happy for Verdasco - I am a big fan and wanted him to win! BUT - he totally hosed my racquet bracket! Stepanek just beat him, soundly , in Brisbane! In Brisbane, Stepanek was like, you are a nice hot Spanish lefty sporty dude but I am much too crafty for you - I win! I am the boss of you. So, when I rocked the racquet bracket, I confidently said (in fact actually said out loud to P), "oh yes, Stepanek will beat Verdasco again". Oops. Oops. Double bagel - holy crap! Well anyway, no T-shirt for me, but go Verdasco!

Hmm let's see what else have we seen - Kusi with a nice win over Bondarenko. We walked by her at the US Open last year. Two things I remember about Alona - big feet, like size 12's (she had like flip flops on), and not one but two hot boy-toy dudes following her around. Anyway Kusi played like good Kusi.

What else - Simon predictably (ha I actually predicted it!) winning over Ancic. Ancic is good but Simon is uncannily great right now! That guy weighs about as much as our cats, combined. Maybe. As much as our (rather tall but skinny) 12 year old? But damn, he gets every ounce into every shot. He rocks. Simon in the final!

All right I have to go - bye!

RR out -

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