Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, January 19, 2009

Help! A pile of tennis has fallen on me, and I can't get up!

Rick Rock here -

Wow. After the long, cold off-season of no tennis, and then, a little dribble of tennis, and then suddenly AAAHHHH!!!!! A giant avalanche of tennis! HELP! I'm a little overwhelmed, and the best I can manage is a few random observations.

I lke Caroline Wozniacki -she is good at tennis. She beat Shahar Peer today, which is good, because Peer shouldn't have invaded Gaza. I don't mean that. The Woz is good and I have her going deep in my Racquet Bracket - losing to Safina in the quarters. In real life, she is cute and jolly, but check out her official WTA picture!

WHOA!! She is definitely pushing the envelope on official WTA photos. Er, is she wearing anything? Anyway she is good at tennis.

Next observation: when Navratalova (who we love, and who I am ahead of in Racquet Bracket as of right now) calls Barrois (who played great against Dementieva, and actually I don't know who won that because something happened with the TV!) a "jock", does she mean "lesbian"?

Next, new racquets. P and I got new racquets recently so this is interesting to us. Lots of talk about Djokovic's new, cool-looking white Head racquet, officially listed as a "prototype", which is rad. Brad Gilbert in particular being critical - and I think he is right! Is it about the money? We have his old stick, and it is fresh! P kicked my fanny-pack with it just today. Also, Nalbandian and Leni both have new Yonex sticks, both forgoing that yellow one which we tried and found a little light. I haven't determined if they have the same new Yonex or different ones. But They both seem to be thriving, Leni having won 2 tournaments aleady, and David one. Yeah!

What else - sad to see F-Lo go down after the longest match in Aus-Open history. Boo!

A couple of other matches I am looking forward to, on the men's side:

  • Cilic and Tipsarevic - this one is actually happening, not just in my racquet bracket - both these guys play hard, and anytime a Serb and a Croat play, it's going to be hard fought.
  • Federer and Wawrinka - this is only in my interpretation so far, but could happen! I almost had Stan shocking Fed but chickened out.
  • Del Potro and Nalbandian in the semis - will be sad because Del Potro will win! But as they say on TV, "a good storyline".
  • Stepanek and Verdasco - again! Also sad, I'll be rooting for Verdasco who will lose.

By the way, the glare from Mary Carrillo's ultra-whitened teeth and lip gloss is hurting our eyes.

All right, enough foolishness, Early in the grand slams, the onslaught of tennis is like the salmon run. All the animals crowd around the river and pig out! As much salmon as you can eat! But slowly the salmon die as they swim upstream, until whoops - no more salmon! I know that's a little weird but that is what came to mind. P just went to Alaska with Cheesewad, maybe that's why.

Signing off - Rick Rock

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