Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rick Rock Was Wrong

But a double bagel? That was painful. I sort of looked away. Del Potro did not have his moment. He is still young. He will mature. He will only get better.

But Verdasco??!!!! I am breatheless with joy to see him in the semis. I hope he can keep his form. I like the little bit where he talks about self belief and going to Vegas and training with Reyes gave him this new mental outlook (I think he was always fit and he may be fitter. ) But still. The power of THE MIND.

Everyone was whinging about Djokovic retiring. Like they did about Monfils retiring. I think- I would much rather have someone retire than barf, shit themself, pass out or die. I also get confused when they ALWAYS (sometimes it makes sense) put fitness and ability to withstand heat together. With Nole, it just can't be the truth. So now they do this whole "didn't hydrate enough" and honestly, that is probably not true either. What is true is that some people feel extremely badly in very hot weather. Because people are different. Some people see black spots, their hearing can go wierd on them, they can feel like they can't move well and want to lie down. I say, let those fuckers go lied down! I just really don't have a problem with that. Other people want to see people barf first. I have two kids so I have seen enough barf. NO to the BARF!

Nadal is going to win. That is my NEW prediction. But- this is the Aussie Open- so there has to be at least one random person in the final. So, maybe Verdasco? Maybe Roddick? I guess one of the two has to make it to the final. Because if it is Nadal/Fed, it just won't feel like the Aussie Open.

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hectopascal said...

hahah I know what you mean..... I also thought Delpo would challenge Fed (and possibly :gasp: beat him?!). The poor guy looked lost on court and the commentators were slamming him for lack of trying. I hope this doesn't break him :(

Come back stronger than ever please Delpo!