Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, January 26, 2009

Verdasco Defeats Murray!!

Oh MY GOD! What a great win for my man, Fernanado!!!! I am so happy for him. Now he just needs to come on over and party. The quarterfinals!!! I'm in love.

I'm not sure what I think about Killer Cahill complaining about Monfils' retiring. I guess he's done it a lot? I didn't know that about him. I love Monfils but maybe he is a bit young still, like, young in the head? Give him time. That's what I say. I just am happy because I have Simon winning the whole thing. And you know what? The way Nadal beat Gonzo? I think I am wrong that Simon is going to win the whole thing. I really made that pick to be all "no way, that's nuts" and then- what if I had been right? Sometimes, it's fun to be risky. Now, I am not one of those persons who jabs a knife between my fingers real fast- bam, bam bam- you know, until something bad happens? But I did pick Simon.

Also? I stayed up until 2am watching tennis last night. I feel like crap today. But! It was fun.

Serena moves on. It was a shame that Azarenka got sick. But man, she looked really ill. That is a retirement you have to support. Serena was great, and very kind. I liked that a lot. (Remember when Maria Sharapova got booed off a court for totally ignoring- turning her back- on a very badly injured Tatiana Golovin? I was on my couch booing.) Suarez Navarro moves on. Leni moves on. "And on and on and on..."(that's a quote from a song by the Blake Babies called "On".

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