Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love poem to Benesova and Dulko - they are better than Libby! WTF?

Rick Rock here -

First, I am behind - sorry. Still thinking about last night. Sorry - have a job. Sorry!

Mmmm... Dulko and Benesova in one night - wow. (Leni goes without saying. ) But apart from the hotness, here is what I really want to say. I think players who kind of bounce around the top 100 for years - 4 years for Dulko, and 5 years for Benesova with, er, 2 years in there slipping out - are cool. All right, I admit, I noticed these in particular because they are really hot. But let me make my point. But first I just noticed (from the WTA site) that both are exactly 5'7" and 123 and 1/2 pounds!?! Weird.

Back to my point - these players are both the kind that don't make it on TV much, despite being AHHH hot, you see them once in a while, then not, and you kind of assume, OK, they had a good moment and now are probably fading into obscurity. But they haven't! They are still fighting, working their way up the rankings at the moment - and still smoking! I think that's cool. You listen to the media too much and you start to think if someone is not number 1, top 3, top 10, top 20, they suck. But it isn't true!

If you are number 45 in the world (as Dulko is - Benesova is currently 35 - WTF?!?) - you rock. Tennis is weird. For example, both of these girls, as top 100 in the world players, are better - way better - than Libby. Libby is a pro at our favorite tennis club, the Binghamton Tennis Center, and if you watch her play, she is clearly the best tennis player in the world, and no one - no one could possibly beat her. But actually that is not true!

For example, there are at least 2 5'7", 123.5 pound smoking Argentine or Czech girls who definitely can. And, no doubt, thousands of others. But how? At the top 10 level, you can see the difference - Leni clearly owned Benesova (by the way P and I have a nickname for her that I won't repeat here - think about her name and see if you can figure it out), and Serena, despite a few close moments, clearly owned Dulko.

But you watch their games, and what makes them top 100 material and not just like your typical really good tennis players? I can't figure it out - but whatever it is - it's cool. These ladies will almost certainly never crack the top 20, but they are still trying, still improving, and of course, still smoking.

By the way, Melbourne park is way nicer than Flushing Meadows.

Rick Rock out -

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