Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, January 26, 2009

Del Potro Beats Federer! Not Yet! I'm Predicting...

Rick Rock here -

The tennis is catching up with me, and I have to go bed early tonight, so I thought I would get this out of the way now. So even tho it hasn't happened yet - OMG I can't believe Delpo beat Federer!!! This is the real arrival of Del Potro, what an upset, etc., etc. Honestly I would like Fed to win, bu I think Delpo can do it. Wake me up at 5 in the morning or whatever, and let me know if I was right, ok? Seriously I think Del Potro has that extra bit if game, and confidence, that Berdych lacked. Who knows? We'll see.

Roddick and Djokovic just got under way. We were there at the US when they played last year. When Djokovic made everyone mad and they booed. BOO! I forget exactly what he said. Thousands of angry drunken New Yorkers. Er, not us of course. Bad move Nole. But he was real tough in that match and I have to think he's gonna win it.

Uhhhh... I have to go to bed, I feel weird. Bye!

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John said...

Well I am really sad to see Del Potro going out like this. But still he is young and has a long way to go. In a match like this against someone as great Roger Federer, he can learn a thing or two from the maestro.

No arguments from my end. Federer was a mile ahead from Del Potro and as they say “The Numbers Don’t Lie”. Well done Fedex.

Perhaps you may wanna share your view of the game. I would love to hear them.