Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Tennis Illegal Betting Issue

I don't think Davy did anything wrong, that's my opinion, but I think this quote below, from the NY Times, may suggest he is protecting someone near to him- his brother? Not sure. To me, this story is interesting because of the sibling thing, the rivalry and envy betweeen brothers. Family drama is the stuff of literature:

"The report did not address Davydenko, who has denied wrongdoing. He has refused a request from ATP investigators for the cellphone records of his wife and brother, and he is appealing the request to an ATP appeals officer. "

I remember reading a quote from Davy's brother, Eduard, his older brother (by ten years? I think so) who serves as his coach, saying "I'm just as good as a tennis player as him". But as we all know, he has dedicated his life to making Davy a world class player. I just can only imagine the depths of envy and perhaps resentment brewing there. Also, I'm sure Eduard is also proud and happy for his brother- I'm sure there is a lot of emotion in a few directions going on when millions and millions of dollars and fame and trophies are involved. Heck, my sisters resent me for A LOT less than what Davydenko has going on for him!

Anyway, I think the whole thing reeks of Russian Drama, Tolstoy style. I wonder if we'll ever get the whole story.
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