Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sharapova v. Rodina (and Mattke won her first round)

Well, folks, it's 5.4 Rodina - on serve- here in the third. Double You Tee Ef?! Now Sharapova just double faulted to go to 30/30 here on her serve. This is exciting. Early round matches with the ladies is often just an ass whomp. The men often have early round fun matches, but not so the ladies.

Bethanie Mattek, the wackiest dresser out there, won her first match. I saw her once on a back court lose to some Spanish lady and her outfit was OUT OF CONTROL. She wore a see-through middriff baring shirt with a black bra showing through the tissue thin shirt. And he skirt was "low-waitsted" so that you could almost see her butt crack!!! AND- AND!!- he "visor" was a cowboy hat with the sides and back cut off! All in turquoise! As you can see, it made a big impression on me. She looked out of place, in a good way, on the court, but she would have looked perfect pole-dancing in that outfit. She cracks me up. I'm glad she won a round. (Vania King won- good job.)

It's now 6.5, Rodina, on serve. This is exciting stuff! Now, 6.6. Tiebreak time! Oh,wait- no tiebreak. Even better. I'm on of those people who feel tiebreaks aren't real tennis, but I do thnk they have their place - I don't want to watch people die on the court! That said, it can be disappointing to watch how a quick couple of points takes the whole set or match.

Break point. Hmm. I love Rodina's fight. I love her not getting overwhelmed by the bigness of the situation. She really wants this. And - it took more than one- but Sharapova broke.

The Pova is serving for the match, 30/0. She doesn't give up, either. I will say that about The Pova. Now a double- that makes 17 doubles. It is windy. Now an error. 30/30. AND- she got it. She pulled it out. Not a bad handshake.

I hope the New Zealander Erakovic won her match! (My guest blogger Rowan is a New Zealander...)

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