Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 6 of the French Open 2008- Serena loses to Srebotnik

Well, I hate my DVR. It stopped recording stuff so I didn't get to watch tennis all day and night- just all day. Poor me. Let's hope that today will be different.

Serena just lost the first set to Srebotnik. Now, on my raquet bracket, I have Serena winning the whole thing. She's had a great year and she could do it. That said, I've always had a soft spot for Srebotnik. I'm not sure why. I like her tall build, her no nonsense vibe. She doesn't come off as nutty as some of the players. Anyway, she's a great doubles player and clearly giving Serena some trouble.

Serena is making more errors than usual. Ivanovic is looking good against the seventeen year old Wozniacki.

Break points here for Serena. First, Srebotnik comes up with a great serve. But then an error from Serena...she can't do that during break point. She looks unhappy. I guess that's normal when you're losing. But it's not fun watching her look so unhappy.

I just played tennis for an hour and really need to shower but this is so exciting that I think I'll keep watching and be sort of dirty for a little longer. Oh- Srebotnik reminds me David Ferrer! A little turtley, but wiry and well, a little dude-like. But I like the butchy ladies. I love Kuznetsova, for instance.

This is the business end of the set. 4.3 Williams and now Serena is just getting really aggresive. Loud, too. I am with Rick Rock that the noises of Serena and The Pov are sometimes too much. But now Serena has upped her game. She's hit great returns and a good volley. I think she's gonna break here. Nope. But it ain't over. Serena is doing the Diva thing. Diva culture- not my fave. Hands on hips, pissy looking. I understand that she's frustrated with her game, but I would like to see her get serene.. get serene Serena! That's when I really enjoy watching her. She needs to get her focus, calm herself. I agree with Navritlova that this is her game to win or lose. No disrespect to how well Srebotnik is playing, though. Just that Serena is off her game and if she weren't, than the score would be different.

Now, as Leif said, another bad shot selection from Serena! Let's see if Srebotnik can serve it out! I just don't think it'll happen. But here she goes...if she gets her first serves in, she has a chance. 5 all here. Gosh! How exciting! I love upsets! Of course, not ones where Nalbandian loses. But here it is- 30.15- oh my! Match point! There goes my raquet bracket. A nervous shot from Srebotnik. The belief one must have! Tight call. I wish they used shot spot. Match point number three! Holy holy! Serena did not play well. Srebotnik stayed cool. Wow.

More to come soon.

Yours Truly,

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