Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rome, Day Two, 2008

First- thanks so much to Rowan for his awesome guest blog discussing the fine, fine ladies on the WTA tour! I do hope you'll blog again for me, Rowan! And I like his idea of doing a list - lists are hot! - of players to go gay for. I'm keeping that in mind for sure!

I sort of forgot to post about Barcelona. I did watch the semis and the final. Nadal looked amazing! I'm so excited to see if he can win the French this year. Can you imagine, four years in a row? It would be so, so special.

I have been so happy about the full week coverage of Rome. I have not been so happy with some of the results- I am not doing so great in my raquet bracket- but more on that in one sec. Now, what is so great about the early part of the week is that- there is actually ten whole hours of tennis! So I can do the two things I enjoy most in life, watch tennis matches, and take naps while the tennis plays on my TV. Because, with ten hours, you can do both! Later in the week, it becomes harder. Like, if you sleep through the semis, that's it for the day. You don't get to watch tennis then. So Monday and Tuesday, I had some great naps. I also watched Federer beat Canas. I had Canas winning that on my raquet bracket- no offense to the Rog, I just was trying to call the upsets! I also watched Tipsavaric lose to Gonzalez. I had Tipsivaric beating Gonzo in my bracket- so I was really annoyed. Again, I was just trying to pick the upsets! There are always upsets! I think, once, I filled out my raquet bracket based just on ranking- you know, the higher ranked player always winning. I didn't do too well that time, either. Sigh. I also wanted Tipsi to win because I dig his Dostoevsky tattoos. And as handsome as Gonzo is- and he is really, really handsome - I saw him behave like a bully/asshole once on a back court in Toronto. He did that walk to the net all slow and meanlike and then fist pump in some opponent's face. I HATE that. I hate when players try to intimidate- I hear Roddick did that big time to Kei, the cute Japanese player, recently. It's just a real turnoff. And I prefer being turned on, people!

Right now, I am watching Moya and Verdasco. I LUV both of these class acts so, so much that I decided to pick Moya because he's older- he has less time on the tour. And so, the little time he has left, let him win some matches, right? And here I am, watching him lose. My raquet bracket is stinking up the joint. But, hey, at least I have lots of tennis to watch! And later, maybe I'll have a nap to the beautiful lullaby of, thwack, thwack,thwack.
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