Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 5 at the French Open 2008

Well, who knew that Lapenti is a former top tenner? I did not. He's from Ecuador- not a lot of players coming out of Ecuador. And he's really really handsome. He's winning right now, playing against Bobby Reynolds, a very nice American man who is not as hot as Lapenti.

Nalbandian is up two sets against the very handsome Chardy, a Frenchman. But even if Chardy has underwear model good looks, Nalbandian is my man. See? I can be - faithful. It's not all hotness that matters. I also care about PERSONALITY. That's right. Roddick is hot but he has a bad personality. In fact, he's a jerk on the court so often that I have cringed- cringed- here in my living room while he insults the chair on my TV. Now, Nalbandian is a class act. (And he looks sort of like my husband). And so regardless of Chardy's amazing superhotness - OK, if he begged me to cuddle him or something like that I wouldn't say no - I hope that Nalby wins. In fact, like always, I have Nalby winning the whole thing in my raquet bracket! He can do it! So, I can be very faithful to whom I root for, or put my money on.

Also in my raquet bracket is Gulbis beating Blake. And- you know? - it could happen. I try to pick the upsets, man! There are always upsets.

Erakovic, the New Zealander, has taken Jankovic to a tiebreak in the second here. Go, girl!

Erakovic lost but played valiantly against the formidable Jankovic.
Nalbandian, that butthead, just lost two sets after being up two sets. I am so angry at him. All my love and dedication and than he does this to me. Wait, they just showed him get broken in the third and I swear he's injured. He's not going after the ball at all. But he's SUCH a class act, that he'll play out the set to give Chardy the win. Anyway, that is my theory.
Gulbis did beat Blake! I like Blake, but I called Gulbis beating him. Yeah, I'm smart about tennis! Also, I called Llodra beating Berdych!
One thing I did not call: Del Potro losing to Bolelli. I'll blame Johnny Mac for that. He's always talking about how great Del Potro is. Time to ignore JMac.

Yes, Nalby was obviously hurt. Poor guy. I hope he gets better soon. I would totally offer to rub his back or feet or whatever. I would love to rub Nalby! But I am very disappointed to see him out of the tournament so early. That said - what a MAN. Nalby played out the whole set even though he was clearly not feeling right. Djokovic needs to take a lesson from my man David regarding that stuff.
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