Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, May 26, 2008



Some brief impressions:

Bye, Bye Guga. Your smiles and lighthearted nature will be sorely missed by me. You ENJOYED playing tennis. I can't say that for many players. For many players, it's a job that makes them angry, visibly, on the court. Also- Guga- thanks for retiring before, more or less, being carried out on a wheelchair shot-up full of cortisone and God knows what else, a la Agassi. You lost to a very tough, real player in Matheiu. Anyway, I wish there were more happy faces out there like yours. God bless.

Moya lost and that pisses me off because I have the hots for him- maybe I'm madly in love with him? Me and a million other old ladies, I know... He lost to a young Argentine, an eighteen year old, who was ranked number one in the qualies. Now, this is the kind of player that Rafa has to watch out for. Yes, he has some serious competition in the top twenty- Federer, Ferrer (beat him at the US Open last year, I was there...), Nalbandian (who has never lost to Rafa and never played him on clay) and Djokovic. But- the real worry for me is- up and coming young clay courters. In other words, the next Rafa...

Gosh. I love tennis. Gonna go watch some right now. I'm also on my third piece of bacon and high on coffee so I'm super happy right now!!!
Yours Truly,


R.C. French said...

Yay, French Open, fun times. New Zealand's Marina Erakovic is oh so very close to winning her first round match, it's exciting. And Ashley Harkleroad is going to be in Playboy, yowza.

paula said...

I googled Erakovic and she sounds great- I hope she wins when the rain stops!

I read about Harkleroad in Playboy, too! She is super cute but was no match for Serena the other day. I do think I read that she wasn't going to be "in the nude" though. Soon we shall see!!! Maybe I should try and start a fancy tennis website dedicated to pictures of naked tennis players!