Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 6 at the French, Sharapova v. Mattek, Youzhny v. Verdasco, Almagro beats Murray and so on and so forth!!!!!

Whoah! Mattek took the second set! Mattek, as I've written about, is the wierdest dresser! The girl has a serious sense of humor in regard to her outfits.

Well, the Pov won the third set and the match. But how exciting for Mattek who last lost to The Pov 0 and 0. You know, after seeing the stunning loss of Serena's, everything seems less exciting. But anyway, lots more tennis to watch. My butt is getting tired of sitting, sort of like when you spend too much time in the car? - but I gotta keep watching!

Almagro fought hard to beat Murray - the better clay courter won at the end of that fight. And, I hasten to add, the attractive bull of a Spanish player beat the pissy Englishman. ( Murray won the Binghamton challenger a few years back and had to apologize when accepting his check for being so rude to the ball boys. )That said, what was up with that strange motion he did when he won? Like imitating drinking or something? He also let out a loud "Ostia" I think, which is a nasty curse in Spanish.

Now they are showing Djokovic v. Odesnik and I really really wish they were still showing Verdasco- I head his facebook fan group- against the Youzhny, one of my fave players, too. Maybe I should email The Tennis Channel and make an official complaint.

Dude! Verdasco was up 5.1! Now they showed he won 6.1! Will they just show me the match point? ARGG!

I just watched the incredible win Mattheiu had over the up and coming Argentine Shwank, the guy who took out Canas. It wss a seriously great clay court tennis match. Shwank is coached by Nalbandian's brother! So therefore I love him.
More soon.
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