Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Tennis Channel Is Not Showing Hopman Cup This Year!

Well, my heart is broken. The Tennis Channel is not showing the Hopman Cup, one of my favorite events because of the emphasis on mixed doubles, the fact that it often showcases lesser known players and that it takes place in Perth, the hometown of AC/DC!!! AND- I will go on, there are so many reasons to love this event--is it Lucy Hopman? I think it is -- a woman pushing ninety years old, is always there, in honor of her husband who is the founder of the event. She flies to Perth from Arizona or California. Every year. And she's not young, people! What dedication. I have never flown to Australia - I will someday- but to do it every year? That is a serious undertaking. The woman is special.

I feel like calling the people at the Tennis Channel and crying into the phone. Also, last year they showed a bit of the women's warm-up, a bit of Adelaide and Sydney, too. And I fear they plan on skipping all of that this year.

Sad, sad, sad. Oh well, I'll go and read about it all on Craig Hickman's blog at-

Yours Truly and Disappointedly,


Anonymous said...

they are showing it. i watched serbia vs. france on the tennis channel last night.

paula said...

AHH! How could I have missed that? I'm running off to check my Tivo listings right now...
Thanks so much for telling me.