Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kuzy vs. Henin- The Sydney Ladies' Final

I'm more or less skipping past the semis, straight to the great final between the "Kuzerator" and Henin. But first- Kuzy beating Vaidisova confused me. After Vaidisova playing so fantastically to beat Jankovic, I was just confused about her going down somewhat routinely to the Kuz.

But the final was a different thing. Kuz played so well and really could have beat Henin. I wanted her to beat Henin. Fifteen wins- now sixteen, that Henin has over the Kuz! Kuz seemed so focused, so ready to get a win. It was a great match. Two people who respect each other and play so fiercely againt each other. I hope we see that sort of sportsmanship at the Aussie Open. But I was disappointed that Henin beat her. So close! So close! It was a matter of a few points and a slight- to me, psychological -- edge that Henin had in this match.

Here are things that I like about Kuz: Like Chakky, she has the voice of a man. This makes me giggle. Combine her manly voice with her sort of teenage, silly, girly, playful behavior at times and it makes for an interesting character. Now, she's all business on the court, I know. But off court, she still retains a youthfulness that is refreshing. And her Fila look is so fitting! The Fila headband over her dyed blond shag? I love it! How someone so stout and so not really "feminine" (cliche, cliche) can have such great Borg-like style is wonderful to behold.

Off to watch my taped mens' final from Sydney.
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