Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Henin's Boobs, Vaidisova the Beast, Jankovic's Forehead and More!

I watched the Ladies' quarterfinals in Sydney yesterday. And I thought I would write about something I've been meaning to write about: Henin's Boobs. I am not a Henin hater, although I briefly hated her when she did that put-her-hand-up-and-not-say-anything-to-the chair thing at the French, whilst playing Serena. And then I hated her again when she retired in the Australian Final against Mauresmo. But now I don't hate her. I have found it in my heart to forgive her. Why, I don't exactly know, but it is probably somewhat related to my understanding of a lot of suspect behavior from many of the women on tour: they are in their twenties. I, once, not so long ago, was in my twenties. And I was an idiot. But back to Henin's boobs.

No one- I repeat - no one on the women's tour straps down their boobs as tightly as Henin. Flappers in the 1920s didn't strap their boobs down that tight. Women who want to be men and take hormones and call themselves Bill don't strap their boobs down that tight. Damn! And, she straps them low on herbody, like underneath her ribcage. This is not where most people like their boobs. Most people like their boobs high on their body. High equals perky. Strapped low down like that is a bit- veternarian? I interpret this mostly as such: She absolutely doesn't care at all what the hell she looks like on the court. And this is brave, focused, a bit too intense, maybe, and- well indicative of what she does care about- winning tennis matches. Now, that cute little yellow bow on the back of her skirt may prove she does have a little fashion in her. But it is not a big thing for her and I like that about her. I also like ladies who like the fashion- Golovin comes to mind- I love her French fashiony vibe.

But Henin kicked Kanepi's butt. No surprise there.

Then came Vaidisova vs. Jankovic. This was a great great match. These are both two "testy" as Corina, the announcer with Barry (who I love to death) said, women. I loved watching this match, watching the amazing rallys, he serving, the desire to win in both these women. One thing I wanted to say to Corina after she said "I don't feel for her" or something like that, regarding Jankovic, is- Didn't you see Hopman Cup? Huh, Corina? Jankovic does have something wrong with her leg. Yeah, she didn't call a trainer but she couldn't play singles at all a week ago. Oh, I don't know. I like Corina, but that doesn't mean she is always right. But back to the actual match. A Check girl vs. A Serb. It's sort of like when Philly plays the Giants- the closer the countries, the closer the teams, the more intense the rivalry. Anyway, the bigger Beast one. Vaidisova is someone I would not want to run into in a dark alley. The girl scares me. She's HUGE seeming. And Jankovic is no slouch. One thing she has on common with the fierce Henin is her tennis-before-fashion thing. Her hair, like Henin's boobs, is pulled back so tight! It looks like it might hurt, her hair is so tightly pulled back. I feel her forehead may have grown over the past year due to her hair being pulled back so tightly. And I've seen really cute pictures of Jankovic, with her hair arranged nicely around her face. But give her credit- whilst playing tennis, she forgoes cute.

Anyway- yeah tennis! Tennis is back! I'm going downstairs right now to watch the semis.
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