Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Amy Frazier Retired! Nalbandian Kicks Ass and is Rude Because He Hates Australians! And Lots of Great Matches!!!!

Amy Frazier, one of my favorite ladies in the WTA, retired. Years ago, the Michigan native who had to wear so much sunblock- she's a redhead- said that when she retired, she wanted to be a Math Teacher. In a world of wannabe celebrities and moguls and power hungry people, the tennis pro who wants to retire and teach math to kids is just about the most wonderful, least predictable thing. Good luck, Amy, with whatever path you choose. It was a pleasure watching you play.

Nalbandian acted out. As everyone knows, I love Nalby so much it hurts. And I also love his generally speaking, good manners. But here is a man who HATES Australia. I can't think of one Argentine who likes Hewitt- lots of trash talking there. Not to mention the time that Coria grabbed his crotch at Hewitt and then when Hewitt protested, acted out rubbing his thigh to the chair! I have never, ever seen anything so funny and outrageous. Now, Nalby wasn't playing Hewitt, but he was playing an Australian, in Australia. Which he relishes. What is up with Patrick MacEnroe saying that indoor hardcourts are Nalbandian's best surface? Anyone remember Nalbandian beating Hewitt on GRASS in STRAIGHTS in Australia during Davis Cup a couple of years back? Yeah, PMac, that's right. Nalbandian's best surface is wherever he happens to be playing. He's as all-surface a player as Federer.

I'm so pissed Moya lost to Koubek and I'm half Austrian! But I LOVE Moya. My heart is broken. Not to mention that it totally screws up my raquet bracket. I'm not doing well, folks.

But I did get Verdasco's win right! Go Fernando. I just posted the news on my Fernando Verdasco Facebook Group. Come join!

I loved watching the first two sets of Nadal and Troicki. But why were the announcers pronouncing it "Troiski"? Am I missing something here? There's no S, right? However you pronounce his name, he has such great game, great attitude and great courage in his first Grand Slam match. I was MOVED to see this kid handle the pressure so well. Big Hug Troicki!

I should mention that seeing the "Dav" (Davenport) struggle against the Italian was a little stressful for me- I want Lindsay to do well. But- Wow- such great rallies! Now, the Dav, as mentioned by someone - Mary Jo? (who I like) - likes qicker points. She's a big lady and the big ladies and not known as grinders. But, she moved fairly well! And she dug it out! Go Dav!!!

You've heard my complaint about PMac- I just htink he's wrong about Nalby- but I am not going to bother to talk about Chris Fowler too much. The man is sucha sour puss. Thank goodness for the Aussie Cahill. I am spending my DAY with these people. And Carillo and Fowler at times really rub me the wrong way. They are so - "nasty journalisty". It makes you wonder when was the last time they got righteously laid. Sometimes, poeple need a good screw to make them less hostile. Anyway, just a theory.
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