Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, in straights, Federer goes down to Novak Djokovic. I'm in shock. For the first time in three years, I believe, Federer won't be in a Grand Slam Final.
I don't know what to say. I need some help here. Anyone have any ideas?
I will say this: if Novak and Tsonga play as well in the final as they did in the semis, it will be an awesome, high level match.

I am interested in all the "end of the era" discussion. Not sure what to think. I did predict, very incorrectly, that this would be Rog's year of the Grand Slam. But he can still have a great year. I do like to see the new young guns come up. I loved when Federer beat Sampras. That said, I always feel for the loser. How can you not?

Fed is talking right now in the press conference and I'm feeling lots of respect for him. He takes responsibility for his loss. He gives credit to the other player. I need to hear that, I do. It's how I then respect the player, if they can show respect. I do agreee with Fed that he didn't come up with the passing shots like he usually does. Also, when he says, "listen, I've only had fifteen minutes to reflect", he's putting off the obnoxious journalists, which I like. So often, I cringe at these press conferences.

I am rewatching the match. My husband thinks I haven't seen it. I am doing my best poker face. but rewatching the first set is interesting. I feel the break back from Nole came fast. I didn't get it. But now at set point, what I see is- Nole coming in and hitting hard in the corners.
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R.C. French said...

Okay, so maybe your Federer dream didn't mean he'll win the Grand Slam this year. But it must have meant something. What could it be?

paula said...

Yes, it must have meant something! I know I should consult with an Analyst about it, but since I can't at the moment I will put forth a few other theories of my own:
He'll win the French this year! It's something he hasn't done and he really wants, too.
He'll win the gold medal at the Olympics! He lost to Berdych last time. And Massu, of all people, go the Gold. (I'm not crazy about Massu- he wouldn't sig my kids balls- he was rude even.)
He'll win the French and the Gold and Wimbeldon! And that would be great. I do hope he has a great year.
I have the hots for him so I dream about him.( But I doubt it's that simple, right?)